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Coming to the throne, the gifted Singer, Song-Writer, Engineer, Producer and Composer Kouvaris The Universal Prince the Experimental Artist merges tones of Pop music with all the Electronic feels. The Universal Prince is coming through like a blazing fire pushing through barriers and rising like a phoenix from his own ashes. At a young age, the Singer realized his love for music and never gave up on his dreams in spite of obstacles. Through his music, The Universal Prince wants the world to experience that same motivation, strength, and energy. 

    His voice has been described by many as refreshing, uplifting, and timeless. Taking the kingdom, he has stormed the world with over a million streams and views. Moreover, he has also been celebrated and recognized on one of UK's Top blogs A&R FACTORY, MTV-USA, MTVrock, FOX, USA Today and Billboarmusik Artist. With over a million streams, his music has made waves around the world! Within his new deluxe version of his self-titled album “The Universal Prince”. " Reclaiming (All that I Am) " inspire all those who listen to reclaim your power and exist as you were born. “A Brand New Me” gives us peace, restoration and comfort to strength our souls and spirts. “Beautiful Soul” is an all-time anthem that speaks to each everyone’s soul no matter who you are or where you come from you are beautiful. Th is deluxe version of self-titled album "The Universal Prince" is an album of power, grace and dignity A Royal Assembly.  

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